6 Denim Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Spring

It’s that weird, wonderful time of year: You don’t have to run the heat or the air conditioner, your hair is free from the shackles of both humidity and beanies, and walking around outside is actually an enjoyable activity. The perfect uniform for these 65-degree days? Wear-everywhere denim. Here are six on-trend styles we’re loving.

Long Coats

Don’t worry, your beloved classic jean jacket isn’t going anywhere, but the latest crop of indigo trenches and dusters make a chic case for playing the long game.


Team Faded and Team Dark Wash put aside their differences at last for one of the season’s biggest trends, showing up on jeans, tops and dresses.

Front Seams

Love the idea of two-tone denim but prefer your blues a little more minimal? A simple front seam gives monochromatic jeans the same effect (and lengthens your legs, to boot).

Exaggerated Cuffs

Finally, our laziness when it comes to getting things hemmed is officially stylish. And you can totally DIY this look if you have a too-long pair lying around (straight-leg or wider, since you’ll have to get it over your calf).

Tie-Waist Top

Is it a shirt? A jacket? When it’s got cool ’70s-artist vibes and a shape-defining silhouette, who cares?

Missing Pockets

Sure, it means there’s one less place to put things, but it’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make.

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