6 Spring Outfit Ideas for When the Weather Is All Over the Place

One day you’re loving life on the patio at Rosemary’s…and the next you’re cursing the heavens as freezing rain pummels you from above. Yep, sounds like March in New York. Here’s how to wear our favorite spring trends and still be ready for anything.

Turtleneck + Button-Down

Chilly morning, but the forecast says it’ll be 65 later? Slip a turtleneck under your favorite collared shirt—unbuttoned—for a creatively crisp look. You can always stash the extra layer in your purse later.

Hoodie + Skirt

You’ve probably heard: Sweatshirts are fashion now. So no one can accuse you of being lazy for throwing one on over a drapey skirt and ankle boots. (They’ll just be jealous they didn’t think of it first.)

Hoodie + Blazer + Jeans

Alternately, that trusty sweatshirt gives a plaid blazer some sporty flair (not to mention extra warmth). And if you wear a tank underneath, you can always lose a layer if you need to.

Ruffly Dress + Distressed Jeans

You’re dying to bust out the sundresses, but your pesky practical side (she ruins everything) says it’s too cold. No problem: Just add a pair of beat-up skinnies and a leather jacket.

Maxi Dress + Long Coat

Likewise, that Bohemian maxi can come out of hibernation early if you pair it with a duster and a sporty sweater-turned-scarf.

Denim Trench

Trench coats are a rainy-day staple in the city, but a fashion-forward denim version feels fresh and classic all at once. Bonus: Just like jeans, it goes with literally everything.

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