Resolutions Every Woman Should Set for 2017

Raise your hand if you make a list of lofty resolutions each New Year, only to forget them by mid-February. No more! Here, 17 attainable goals every woman can set for herself—and achieve—in 2017.

1. Find a form of exercise that you actually enjoy and think of it as your me-time. (Yes, it’s OK for me-time to be a 40-person strip-cardio class.)

2. Call your grandma or great-aunt more often. Even if she’ll spend 20 minutes bugging you to have babies already.

3. Buy yourself a once-a-week treat. It can be as simple as bright, beautiful flowers or a trashy magazine that you tear through in half an hour.

4. Explore a new city. Hoboken, Chicago, Tokyo, Helsinki. Wherever you go, bring your sense of adventure. (And really, really good walking shoes.)

5. Throw out every single blouse with an olive oil stain on it. Same goes for anything with moth holes.

6. Write an actual letter to someone you love. And put a stamp on it and pop that baby in the mailbox!

7. Master a new recipe. Then invite some friends over to tell you what a great cook you are.

8. Think of one book you’ve always wanted to read. Make a deadline for finishing it…and then hold yourself to it.

9. Reach out to two friends you haven’t spoken to in ages. Then spend as long as you like rehashing old times.

10. Vow to learn one specific new thing. Like macrame. Or Zumba. Or all the words to “Rapper’s Delight.”

11. Seek out three articles each week that are outside your wheelhouse. Bonus points if they come from a political stance that runs counter to your own.

12. Opt out of a commitment you truly dread. Maybe your book club has gotten a little stale or your tennis group isn’t what it used to be.

13. Look back at one month’s worth of bills and credit-card statements and identify three areas where you could be saving money. Is that gym membership you rarely use really necessary?

14. Make a promise to never, ever use an ATM with a service fee. Then put that saved $2 toward your weekly fresh flower fund.

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