The 9 Best Subscription Boxes for Kids

hile snail mail may be a thing of the past, there is still a palpable joy (followed by the puttering of tiny footsteps) that fills a house when a package is delivered. And double that joy when the package is addressed to the kids themselves. Here, the 10 best subscription boxes for kids that will make them laugh, read, learn and play.

Dream Delivered

This monthly box for kids ages five to eleven comes stocked according to potential future careers. Think art history (canvases and lessons on van Gogh) or neurology (interactive toy brains and surgical masks).


An award-winner for the six- to eleven-year-old set, this box is themed around seasonal topics. April’s box, for instance, was all about Earth Day and included experiments, a DIY terrarium and a book about bugs.

Open Sesame

The organizers behind this box for pre-K level kids work with Montessori teachers to find the most stimulating toys, books and activities. Think Play-Doh, a shoe tying book and an Elmo doll.

Reading Bug Box

This monthly box is personalized with books and gifts that match your child’s age. So a 12-year-old might get paint sets and YA books while a two-year-old might get stuffed animals and picture books.

My Pretend Place

If backyard plays and dress-up dinners are all the rage in your household, sign up for a monthly delivery of costumes. (Oh hey there, astronaut, cowboy, chef and princess.)


Can’t get ’em to eat right on the regular? Try a subscription box of ever-changing healthy snacks (like dried pineapples and snap peas) to make the whole thing more fun.

Koala Crate

Get your three- or four-year-old spotting planes and squirming through the bushes in search of bugs with this monthly box organized around a science-y theme like reptiles or rainbows.

My Geek Box Kids

Got a Batman-obsessed kid? Sign him up for this monthly box, which comes with toys and stickers from beloved franchises like The Little Mermaid and Spiderman . (And yes, Batman.)

Doodle Crate

Calling all moms of artists: This monthly arts and crafts box (for ages nine and up) has everything you need to make a project from beginning to end. (Think colorful DIY wax candles and black ink wash painting.)

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