The best makeup products for a natural look

Want to enhance your natural beauty, without overpowering it? Prefer the feel of makeup-free skin? Get gorgeous the subtle way with these makeup picks for women who don’t like makeup.

Go natural

Whether it’s because you don’t know how, dislike the feel of it on your skin or just prefer a bare-faced look, if you’re in the No-Makeup Club, you’re wary of beauty products. But don’t worry-you can get a natural-looking, natural-feeling look while still enhancing your natural beauty. Here are some products to try.

Brighten your eyes

To minimize under-eye shadows, pro makeup artist Bruce Grayson likes multitaskers such as Olay Regenerist Eye Touch of Concealer ($29.99) and Smashbox’s light-reflective Photo Op Under Eye Brightener ($22), both of which contain moisturizers and anti-aging peptides. “They’re easy to use and don’t cake up the way traditional concealer can,” he says. Note: if you have serious circles, use one of these as a base; you’ll need less concealer.

Freshen skin

Women with oily skin in particular dislike the sensation of makeup on their skin. A light primer lotion such as Smashbox Photo Finish Light ($44) absorbs quickly, feels like nothing at all, and keeps skin feeling fresh whether worn alone or under other makeup.


“The trend of the future is the multitasking product with skin care, SPF and an even-skintone finish,” says Grayson, whose clients include actor Rosario Dawson. Try Dermalogica Sheer Tint Moisture SPF 15 ($53), or Olay Definity Colour Recapture SPF 15 ($34.99), which has slightly more coverage than a traditional tinted moisturizer but is still more sheer than a foundation.

argeted concealing

Face it, sometimes you have something to hide. Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Perfecting Mineral Concentrate ($15.79) is a nifty, precision click-pen mineral-powder format that lets you target any area for concealment. And it’s free of oil, wax, parabens, fragrance and dyes.

Get a glow

If your skin’s looking a bit dull, a quick all-over sweep of illuminating powder can make it look naturally radiant. DuWop Mattillume ($42) baked clay powder helps to control oil as it imparts a subtle, sheer dewy glow, all without parabens, oil, fragrance or talc.

Easy breezy lashes

“If someone doesn’t like wearing makeup, she won’t like taking it off either,” notes makeup pro Sylvie Mazerolle, who has worked with Catherine Zeta-Jones. She likes Kiss Me Mascara ($29.95) because it’s run-proof yet slides off with warm water; L’Oréal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes ($14.95) is similar. If you’re all about natural ingredients instead, try Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara ($15.79), which contains rice protein for volume, organic beeswax and natural pigments.

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