Worthy Nail Art Designs to Celebrate the Fourth of July

This summer, observe the holiday with low-key patriotism via popsicle-inspired art, fruity ombré, oceanic waves, and more from our favorite Instagram nail artists.

Negative Nail

Here’s a classic negative nail—half moons and tips—with an Americana spin in red, white, and blue.

Get Wavy

Staying poolside or hitting the beach this holiday? Let your mani match your setting with a wave-inspired design.

Nasty Woman

For those still fighting

American Art

If you’re more into art than politics, highlight your love of a modern American artist like Alexander Calder.

Star Girl

Skip the stripes and stick to an all-star mani.

Hot Dog

Sun’s out, buns out.

Popsicle Cool

Match your mani to the iconic Firecracker popsicle with a three-coloured wave.

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